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Getting Tech Teams Closer to "The Business", and The Twelve Days of Product Christmas

The Five Dysfunctions of Product Management Teams, and is Scope Creep Really a Thing?

Exploring the Key Skills of Innovators, and Weighing up Job vs Mission in your Career Journey

Improving Agility when you’re anything but Agile, and why we're living in a Generalist World

Pulling out of Growth Stalls, and can I do MVPs in Enterprise B2B?

Full Spectrum Messaging and how to Handle the Inevitability of Team Change

Product Manager Onboarding Done Right, and How to Work with Subject-Matter experts

Moving to Substack, thinking about lay-offs, and swearing about the design industry

Mental Health for PMs, the Importance of Messaging, Web3, and thinking about Revenue Debt

Picking Giblets off the Floor, Aligning with Stakeholders and Using AI in Recruitment

Pumped / Bumped / Slumped, Beyond the Challenger Sale and Lean Onboarding

Optimistic Pessimists, Systems Overthinking & Should you try to connect product initiatives to revenue?

Consultants not insultants, just what makes enterprise SaaS different, and getting Mehtaphysical

Spreading PM cheer via memes, balancing your time as a PM & lightly holding onto your opinions

How to get that next Product Management or Product Design job (as long as it's not "Product Owner" 🤨)

Context switching, what you should know when working with engineers, and why product management isn't all that bad really

The Lean B2B Pyramid, The Five Dysfunctions of a Product Team, Career Death Spirals and Books! Books! Books!

Parking the Car as a PM, Coming out as Trans at Work, and the Perils of Customer Discovery

The Swimming Pool Question, Mapping your Way to B2B Success and Considering Desirability vs Defensibility

Playing poker at the big table, PMs having access to the code, being the first PM at a startup & more!

Teams that manage themselves & the other type of developer tools

How to Make Managers, the dreaded BBQ question. and what the heck is DevRel?

Boondockers, Wizard of Ozzing, landing on your feet in your next product leadership role

Mentorship, fixing your Scrum and, wait, do PMs need project managers?

The importance of teamwork, here comes the science bit & managing customer requests

Users, buyers, not picking favourites & noodling on North Star Metrics

The role of QA in product development, and why not read a book about sales?

Slava Ukraini, the importance of mentoring, and engaging with engineers

Returning from holidays and thinking about technical debt

Standing up for diversity & inclusion, the problem with thought leadership & more