A roadmap greater than 6 months out that isn't a complete make believe situation in fintech seems impossible. To quote the great Kevin Garnett, however..."Anything is possible!"

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May 1, 2023Liked by Jason Knight

I've started trying to re-frame innovation to equate to a successful change in human behavior. Changing human behavior that solves a problem while creating value for the business is what we do - so what if we repositioned innovation to this?

A lot of the times when I see innovation and customer centricity put on a see saw what is not talked about is the messy process that was required to get to PMF: Saying yes to a lot of customers to drive some meaningful growth (build this because they said they'd pay!!!) results in a fragmented core on v0.1 features. Everyone is then asking for v0.2 stuff on a whole bunch of different things so let's stack rank based off of revenue and continue to make them happy = customer centricity! Instead this is usually the time to start saying bye to customers, deprecating features that are not widely used and defining and focusing on your core...

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Yup, this is the revenue debt problem laid bare - no ICP, no segmentation. No nothing, just the founder's little black book (or those of the early salespeople) and a product that isn't quite good enough for anyone, but too much revenue tied up in various segments for founders to be comfortable saying goodbye to some of it.

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